How do I edit a meeting in Google Calendar using the Chrome Extension?

Update meeting times, audio settings, guests, locations, and more from Google Calendar.

If you are logged into GoToMeeting, any changes you make and complete by clicking Save are reflected in your account, and can be viewed in your online portal.
Note: The GoToMeeting Google Calendar plugins for Firefox and Safari are currently unavailable for download or use. We apologize for any inconvenience! You can try our plugin for Google Chrome instead, or continue scheduling your meetings directly from

Modify a meeting

  1. In your calendar, double click the meeting you want to edit, or click once and select Edit event. Your meeting data displays.
  2. To change the meeting schedule, use the Google Calendar tools. You cannot change the occurrence or times in the GoToMeeting dialogs. Click Done when you have finished your changes.
  3. Click the Edit icon to update the audio settings for the current meeting. Click Save to update the meeting and invite with your changes.  If you made any manual updates to the invitation prior to this, those changes are overwritten.
  4. You can click the Settings icon to modify the default settings for all future meetings.  This does not update the current meeting.
  5. Edit the meeting invitation text as needed.
  6. Choose Save at the top of the event to save changes. A success message displays. If you are logged into GoToMeeting, the changes are updated in the GoToMeeting portal.
  7. You will be prompted to send updates to attendees. Click Send update to send the invitation updates or click Don’t Send if you do not wish to send an updated event to guests.