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How do I schedule meetings in Salesforce?

    Organizers can schedule a meeting for a contact, lead, or opportunity in Salesforce or start an ad hoc meeting without scheduling.

    The subject of the meeting will automatically become the meeting title, making it easier for you to find in your GoTo Meeting web account.
    1. Log in to your Salesforce account.
    2. In Salesforce, open one of the following pages in the upper toolbar.
      • Leads
      • Contacts
      • Opportunities
    3. Click the name of the lead, contact, opportunity to view its details and New GoTo Meeting.
    4. Fill out the mandatory fields (note that some fields are pre-populated for you - you can modify these fields if desired).
      • Start/end date and time
      • Description
    5. Click Add Invitees. Use the search bar to find and add attendees. To add, check the box next to the desired attendees and click Add to list.
    6. When the Invitees list is complete, click Insert selected to add the list of names to the invitation list.
    7. Verify your meeting details are correct and click Save and send invite. The record will save and an email invite with an .ics attachment will be sent to all invitees.