How do I join a webinar from my GoTo Room system?

    You can join a webinar as an attendee from any GoTo Room system. To share your camera or audio, ask the organizer to promote the GoTo Room system to the panelist or co-organizer role.

    If you did not add the webinar to the GoTo Room calendar, you will have to register for the webinar from another device (computer or phone) to receive the Confirmation email. Keep this handy as it includes the webinar ID.
    1. There are two ways to join a webinar from the touch panel (Poly & Logitech) or Conference Phone (Dolby):

      • If you see the webinar in the Calendar tab, tap Go and Join the Webinar.
      • If you don't see the webinar in the Calendar tab, tap Join or Start and enter the webinar ID which can be found in the Confirmation email.
      Note: If you cannot join the webinar or hit an error, it may be because the organizer placed additional security measures (e.g., password, manual registration approval, custom registration fields, CAPTCHA verification). In this case, you will have to join the webinar from another supported device.

    2. You'll be launched into the session! All GoTo Webinar attendees are muted by default.

      Note: If you see a blank screen, the organizer has joined the webinar but has not started the broadcast yet. Hang tight and wait for the organizer.

    3. As a GoTo Room attendee, you have access to the following in-session features:

      • Raise your hand to grab the organizer's attention.
      • Unmute yourself with organizer persmission.
      • Participate in polls (not available on Dolby Voice Conference).
      • Be promoted to the panelist or co-organizer role. This allows camera and audio sharing.