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How do I invite attendees and have GoTo Meeting call them? (Classic)

You can invite attendees to join your session either before or during the session.

Invite attendees while in session

While in session, you can invite attendees to join by sharing the meeting link or ID. If you have Call Me enabled, you can also call your attendees to join the audio conference portion of the meeting via phone.

Invite via meeting link or ID

  1. In the People pane, select Invite at the bottom.
  2. Use the "Invite people" window to invite an individual in any of the following ways:
    • Instruct the attendee to go to and enter the meeting ID listed in the window.
    • Select Email to launch a new email with the session information automatically populated, then send it to the individual.
    • Select Copy Link to copy the session information to your clipboard, then paste it wherever desired (such as an instant message to the individual).

Invite attendees by calling them in session

Note: You must have Call Me enabled to use this option.
  1. In the People pane, select Call at the bottom. This will launch the "Call others to join the meeting" window.
  2. Enter up to 5 attendees' names and phone numbers and click Call. You can cancel the call by clicking Cancel next to the desired name.
  3. The call status will appear by the attendee's name.
    • GoTo Meeting is still calling the attendee's phone.
    • – Attendee is connected and displayed in the Attendee list.
    • – Attendee did not answer. Select the X icon and try again if desired.