How do I install and set up GoTo Meeting for Salesforce as an admin?

    Salesforce admins can install the GoTo Connect integration for their organization. This installation embeds GoTo Meeting within the Salesforce interface. Your users will be able to schedule, manage, and start meetings directly from the contacts they want to meet with. Meeting history is stored with the contacts who were invited and for those you attended.

    Note: We recently merged the GoTo Meeting and GoTo Connect for Salesforce integrations. The only change is in the name of the integration – the setup and tool work the same way.
    You can perform a test install for admins, install the package for all users, or install the package for selected Salesforce users. The admin installation consists of the following, including this article.
    1. In a browser, open the GoTo Connect Integration in the Salesforce AppExchange.
    2. Select the type of install you want to complete. If you want to make the installation accessible only to a specific user type, select Install for Specific Profiles. You can also set individual user permissions at any time after installation.

      Note: If you choose to install for specific profiles, a list of user profiles will display. Select the profiles you want to give permission to and set each user to Full Access.

    3. Select Install.
    4. Grant approval for GoTo Meeting to access your organization's Salesforce data and select Continue.
    5. Approve third-party access and select Continue.
    6. You will see a progress update and a message letting you know that you will receive an email when installation is complete. Select Done to exit the message.
    7. Check your email inbox for a "Package Successful" email. You will be redirected to a Installed Packages page in Salesforce.
    8. Make sure GoToConnect Integration is in the list of installed packages.