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How do I change my Mac desktop app preferences? (Classic)

The GoToMeeting Preferences allow you to modify the settings for hosting and joining sessions using the desktop app. Depending on whether you are the organizer or attendee, you will see different options here.

Downloading the desktop app is available on paid plans only.

Open the desktop app preferences

You can access the Preferences window by opening the desktop app, clicking GoTo Meeting in the menu and selecting Preferences.

Change general preferences

These settings determine how the GoToMeeting desktop app remembers your name and integrates with your email.

  • Remember me Request that GoToMeeting automatically sign you in to the desktop app by enabling the "Remember me" check box. This will allow you to start and join meetings faster.
  • Display name The desktop app can remember and display the specified name and email address in the Attendees pane each time you are in session. This allows you to avoid having to fill in your name and email address each time you join someone else's session.
  • Email integration If you enable this check box, it will allow you to integrate GoTo Meeting with a MAPI-compliant email/calendar program. Depending on your email application's capabilities, integration with MAPI-enabled programs allows for features such as automatically adding meetings to a calendar and automatic creation of email messages with meeting information.
    Note: You must restart your email application in order for changes to be applied.

Change recording preferences

These settings determine how your sessions are recorded and where those recordings are saved.

  • Location of recording files By default, your raw recording files will be saved to the Documents folder on your computer. You can change this location at any time by clicking Choose and selecting a new location. View How do I find my recordings? for more information.
  • Conversion reminders You must convert you session recordings in order to make them viewable for other individuals. The Recording Manager will appear automatically at the end of each recorded session as a reminder to convert the recording file, but you can choose to disable this reminder.

Change session preferences

These settings determine the features and tools that are available during the session (some apply to the organizer, while others apply to their attendees).

  • Mute upon joining By default, when you first join a session run by another organizer your audio will be muted (in order to reduce the audio feedback and background noise created when attendees first join a session). You can deselect this check box if you would prefer to join sessions with your audio unmuted.
  • Hide panes from attendees You can choose to hide the Attendees pane and/or the Chat pane from the Control Panels of your attendees by selecting the check boxes. Note that hiding the Chat pane will prevent your attendees from being able to chat with you or each other during the session.
    Note:  Panes will only be hidden from attendees; co-organizer will continue to see the hidden panes.
  • Create a welcome message You can choose to have a default "welcome" message automatically appear in the Chat pane of each attendee as they join the session. Note that this message will apply to each session that is run while it is enabled.

Change webcam preferences

These settings determine the display format of your webcam, and also allow you to preview your webcam.

Note: If you do not have a webcam connected to your computer, you will not see the settings on this tab.
  • Webcam preview This will show you your live webcam feed, allowing you to make sure everything looks the way you want it to before you broadcast it to other session participants.
  • Camera settings This will show you the make and model of the device being used as a webcam. If you have multiple devices connected, you can choose the desired one from the drop-down menu.
  • Display format You can choose to adjust the aspect ratio of your webcam (i.e., have it displayed in "normal" or "widescreen" view).

Change automatic update preferences

This setting determines how your desktop app updates itself.

  • Automatic Updates Choose whether to allow the GoToMeeting desktop app to proactively install new versions of the desktop app, which will get you into sessions faster (recommended). See Use Automatic Updates to learn more.