GoToMeeting Codec

The GoToMeeting Codec was a Windows Media Player component that was formerly required in order for you to view and convert session recordings on a Windows computer.

However, the current GoToMeeting Recording Manager is able to convert session recordings into .MP4 and .WMV formats, which can be played on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices – nothing extra required!

What is the GoToMeeting codec?

The codec is an executable file (.EXE) that was formerly required in order for you to view session recordings. 

How do I download the GoToMeeting codec?

You don't need to anymore! Although the codec was once required, you are now able to view your session recordings from any device that supports playback for .WMV, .MP4 (Windows and Mac) files – without installing the codec or any other software. 

Why can't I view my session recording?

When a session is recorded, the recording file is automatically saved to the organizer's computer in the .G2M (GoToMeeting Action) format. The organizer must then use the GoToMeeting Recording Manager to convert it into a universal format (.MP4 or .WMV).

  • If someone else recorded the session, then you must ask them to complete the recommendations below.

  • If you recorded the session yourself, then check the format of the file you are trying to play. If it is ".G2M", then you need to convert the recording before it can be viewed.

Note: If the session was recorded 2+ years ago, you will be unable to convert it into .MP4 format and must use .WMV instead.