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Are there InRoom Link troubleshooting and FAQs?

Below are some quick fixes for any InRoom Link issues you may encounter.

Why is there audio echo or feedback?

Try disconnecting all but one device in a conference room(e.g., if there are two attendees joined from their laptops in the conference room in addition to the system attendee, disconnect the audio of the system attendee and one of the laptops).

Why is the call disconnecting or blocking meeting content (usually inbound media)?

Verify the system configuration is correct. Some firewalls have limited built-in H.323 support and may not work with our solution. Additionally, some firewalls have very low idle timeouts.

Remove the configuration and connect directly to InRoom Link using the join string in the meeting invite as there may be misconfigured outbound proxies (or gatekeeper).Do not configure the device to use the InRoom Link server address as the default device proxy or gatekeeper

Why can't I join from a Sony PCSA-MCG80?

When entering your join string (GoTo Meeting video conferencing server##meeting ID string), remove one of the # character (e.g., 999.999.999.999#111222333) and rejoin the session.

Why can't I establish a call?

When using SIP, ensure that you have configured your SIP device with the TCP Transport Protocol.

Why is my video quality poor?

Ensure that the system is configured with an appropriate call rate (1024 or higher). If you have access to the system's administration page, monitor the statistics during a call.

How can I improve my join experience?

There a couple ways you can improve your join experience.

  • Use the "" domain – You can choose to join by entering the "" domain name rather than the IP address or long H.323/SIP join strings. Note that this requires an IT admin configuration.
  • Use the IP address – You can enter the IP address rather than the long H.323/SIP join strings.
  • Speed dial in with domain or IP address – You can save the "" domain name or IP address as a contact to speed dial in for future sessions.