What do the line items on my bill mean?

You don’t like throwing money away—we get it. That is why we want you to understand all the charges and fees on your invoice. If you can’t find the answers you need here, contact us and we’d be happy to personally walk you through them.

Invoice line items

Line Item Description
Handsets – Service Charge Billable devices on your account (phones, ATAs, paging devices, etc.). Certain devices are billed per extension.
DIDs – Service Charge – Telephone Numbers Billable phone numbers on your account (toll-free, inbound-only, two-way, international).
Included Minutes – No Charges Minutes used within your service plan (local and long distance).
Outbound Minutes Overages Outbound minutes that exceeded your service plan (.02¢ a minute). Extension to extension dialing is considered outbound calling.
Toll Free Minutes – Metered Charges Inbound minutes to your toll-free numbers ($0.019/min).
International Minutes Minutes used for outbound international calls. See our international rates
State and Local Regulatory Fees Required State and local taxes and fees (varies on State and local mandates).
Regulatory Fee Required federal taxes and fees (13.81%).
Contact Center Subscription fee for Contact Center.
Rentals Charges for equipment rented from Jive.