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Modes of Connection

The GoToAssist mode of connection refers to the method in which a customer support session is initiated and routed to representatives.

Depending on the organization's needs, a GoToAssist Corporate account may be configured in Web Mode, Phone Mode or Queue Mode. The mode of connection for an account determines the type of customer portal(s) that can be created for the account.

Note: The mode type varies depending on your company's support needs. Please get in touch with our Customer Care team by selecting Contact Support on this article.

Web Mode

The most common GoToAssist Corporate configuration, Web Mode is ideal for organizations whose representatives provide web-only support. Web Mode allows support requests to be initiated by a customer via the customer portal anytime at least 1 representative is logged in to HelpAlert.

  • Web Mode portals offer SmartMatch, SmartBox or SmartButton portal types to distribute queries to all representatives who are logged in to HelpAlert.
  • Since support requests are initiated and addressed entirely online, customers are not required to call a support center first.
  • Representative alert distribution varies depending on the portal type (SmartMatch, SmartBox or SmartButton).

Phone Mode

Phone Mode configuration is most often used by organizations whose representatives provide phone support in addition to web-based support. To start a support session using a Phone Mode portal, representatives can generate a connection code using HelpAlert and provide it to the customer during the phone call, which customers can then enter in the customer portal to be launched into an online support session with the representative. Only the representative who generated the connection code is connected with the customer.

Note: A customer can connect to a Phone Mode portal session only after he/she receives the connection code from the representative.
  • Phone Mode portals use the SmartPin portal type to connect customers with the specific representative who generated the connection code.
  • Representatives can escalate from phone calls to online support sessions by providing customers with a connection code.
  • There are no alerts sent with this portal type, since the representative automatically receives the posting.

Queue Mode

Queue Mode configuration is ideal for organizations that have a large number of representatives available for customer-support queries. When a customer submits a support request in a Queue Mode customer portal, GoToAssist Corporate automatically distributes the query to the next available representative. When no representatives are available, the query is queued for distribution to the next representative who becomes available (e.g., "round robin" style).

  • Queue Mode portals use the SmartBox portal type to distribute queries to the next available representative who is logged in to HelpAlert.
  • When no representatives are available, incoming queries are queued and then distributed to the first available representative.
  • Representatives receive alerts when they are assigned a new query.
Article last updated: 2 November, 2022