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What are the network access permissions?

    Below is a list of all the network access permissions and their descriptions.

    Table 1. Network Access Permissions
    Permission Description
    REG Device Registration — Allows calls to be made and received using this network.
    PROV Device Provisioning — Allows devices to provision using this network (i.e., access configuration files from GoTo's servers).
    MEDIA Media Release — When both endpoints in a call are on networks that have the Media permissions, the Media (RTP) will connect directly, without routing through GoTo.
    • MEDIA should only be enabled with GoTo’s assistance. If set up incorrectly, your phones could be down for up to 24 hours after it’s corrected.
    • MEDIA should never be enabled for the network.
    ADMIN Portal Administration — Allows system admins to make changes to the system using this network. If you authorize, administrators can access the system from any network.