Step #8: Provision Users with GoTo Products

    Once the LogMeIn parent app is configured with all of the roles needed, you can assign the product-specific role to each of your users to provision the designated GoTo product (e.g., assign the GoTo_GoToMeeting role to each user to provision their account with GoToMeeting).

    About this task: The steps below are performed in the OneLogin admin portal.
    1. In the top toolbar, select Users > Roles.
    2. Select your desired role (e.g., GoTo_GoToMeeting).
    3. Select Users in the left navigation.
    4. Search for and select your desired user, then select Check.
    5. Select the Add to Role hyperlink.

      Result: The user you have added will now be provisioned with the associated Quicklink (child) app's GoTo product (e.g., the GoTo_GoToMeeting role, assigned to the GoToMeeting Quicklink app, will now assign the GoTo Meeting product to the selected user).

    6. Repeat Steps #3 – 5 (above) to assign each of your desired users to your selected role (associated with its configured Quicklink app), which will provision GoTo products to the appropriate users.
    Setup is complete! You have successfully configured and now use automated provisioning for GoTo using OneLogin.