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Step #1: Set Up an Organization in the GoTo Admin Center (classic)

Set up an “organization” by registering at least one valid email domain with GoTo to verify your ownership of that domain. Domains within your organization are wholly-owned email domains that your admins can verify either through your web service or DNS server.

Important: The user who completes domain verification will automatically become an organization admin, but this user is not required to have a GoTo product admin role.

    Set up an organization.

    1. Sign in to the GoTo Organization Center at
    2. The first screen will ask that you verify that you own the domain for the account with which you are logged in currently. You are provided two methods for setting up domain validation, each of which uses a unique verification code to complete the verification. Copy the verification value to your clipboard.
      Note: The verification screen will display until the domain is verified. If it takes you longer than 10 days to verify the domain, the system will automatically generate new verification codes for your domain the next time you visit the Organization Center.
    3. Paste the verification code into the DNS record or a text file for upload to one of the locations, depending on which of the verification methods you choose: 
      • Method 1: Add a DNS record to your domain zone file. To use the DNS method, you place a DNS record at the level of the email domain within your DNS zone. Typically, users are verifying a “root” or “second level” domain such as “”. In this case, the record would resemble:

        @ IN TXT “logmein-verification-code=668e156b-f5d3-430e-9944-f1d4385d043e”

        OR IN TXT “logmein-verification-code=668e156b-f5d3-430e-9944-f1d4385d043e”

        If you require a third-level domain (or subdomain) such as “” the record must be placed at that subdomain, such as: IN TXT “logmein-verification-code=668e156b-f5d3-430e-9944-f1d4385d043e”

        For more detailed documentation, see Add a TXT DNS record.

      • Method 2: Upload a web server file to the specified website.Upload a plain-text file to your web server root containing a verification string. There should not be any whitespace or other characters in the text file besides those given.
        • Location: http://< yourdomain >/logmein-verification-code.txt
        • Contents: logmein-verification-code=668e156b-f5d3-430e-9944-f1d4385d043e
    4. Once you have added the DNS record or text file, return to the domain status screen and click Verify.
    5. Organization Center - Email domains tab

      Result: You have successfully verified your first domain, and thereby created an organization with your account as the organization admin. The verified domain will be listed the next time you sign in to the Organization Center.

    Disable Welcome emails for users (optional).

    1. Sign in to the GoTo Admin Center (classic) at
    2. Select Admin Settings in the left navigation.
    3. Locate the Organization pane and select Edit.
      Disable Welcome emails in the Admin Center
    4. Select Disabled for User Sync > Save.

      Result: You have disabled Welcome emails for users, and will need to inform your users about changes to their account and/or products assigned going forward.

Results: You have successfully set up an organization and configured your desired settings for Welcome emails.