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Set Up Enterprise Sign-In (single sign-on)

    GoTo offers Enterprise Sign-In, which is a SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) option that allows users to sign in to their GoTo product(s). For Enterprise Sign-In, users can use their company-issued username and password, which is the same credentials they use when accessing other systems and tools within the organization (e.g., corporate email, work-issued computers, etc.). This provides a simplified login experience for users while allowing them to securely authenticate with credentials they know.

    Before you get started...

    You are required to have a GoTo product account in order to proceed, but you are not required to have a GoTo product admin role for this account.

    Step #1: Set up an organization

    Create your organization by verifying at least one (1) domain used by your company.

    Step #2: Configure your Identity Provider

    Configure an Identity Provider (IdP) from one of our single sign-on options, if you have not already set one up. If you have already set one up, you can proceed to Step #3.

    Step #3: Add your Identity Provider to the Organization Center

    Add your configured Identity Provider to the Organization Center to indicate where you want your users to go to sign in to their assigned GoTo products.

    Step #4: Test your Enterprise Sign-In environment

    Sign in to your GoTo Connect account to test your newly established Enterprise Sign-In setup.

    Step #5: Inform your users they can log in using their company login credentials

    You're all set! Once Enterprise Sign-In is set up, your users will receive a Welcome email that contains their Company ID (username) that they can now use to sign in to their GoTo Connect account. When your users log in to their account via Enterprise Sign-In, their account status will be displayed as Enabled in the GoTo Admin Center (classic).

    (Optional) Request to enforce Enterprise Sign-In

    If you have set up Enterprise Sign-In and are interested in enforcing it as the only login method available when your users access their GoTo product account, please select the Contact Support option in this article for help.

    Don't worry – once Enterprise Sign-In has been enforced in your account, your users' active sessions remain unaffected – they will just be prompted to use their company credentials upon their next login.