How do I use notes and Smart Notes in a meeting?

    Take notes during a meeting and then view them along with the recording and transcription after the meeting. While you are taking notes, our AI-powered Smart Assistant will auto-capture meeting highlights and action items and show them alongside your notes after the meeting.

    Note: Notes and Smart notes are not supported in the mobile app.

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    Task How-to
    Take notes in meeting
    Note: You need to be the meeting organizer to take notes.
    1. While in an active meeting, click Record Meeting Icon to start recording your meeting.
    2. Hover over the record button and then click Take notes.
    3. In the new window you can enter notes throughout your meeting.
    4. Notes and auto-generated Smart Notes will be available in the recording after the meeting. All notes are time stamped and synced with the recording for easy navigation.
    Review notes and Smart Notes after meeting
    1. Open the recording from Recordings in the left sidebar of the Meetings tab.
    2. Click Notes Icon to do the following:
      • Filter notes by type (highlights, action items, notes, bookmarks).
      • Toggle and view Smart Notes along with manually added notes.
      • Approve and dismiss notes generated by Smart Notes. Smart Notes can be edited after you approve them.
      • Play (jump to the time stamp in the recording), edit, or delete notes.
      • Add new notes. Notes added after the meeting will display under all notes added during the meeting.