How do I use a virtual fax machine in a dial plan?

Tell the system to listen for a fax tone. If a fax is detected, the call is intercepted and sent to the designated virtual fax machine. Not available in Brazil and Mexico.

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Before you begin:
  1. Log in at
  2. Click Dial Plans in the left sidebar and then click the dial plan you want to edit.

    Result: The dial plan editor will launch in a separate window.

  3. Drag and drop the Detect Fax node from the left sidebar to the desired spot on the canvas.

    Important: This node must be the first used in a dial plan if you want to detect a fax.

  4. Drag and drop Dial Plan Next Node Icon of the previous node to the left side of the Detect Fax node, connecting the nodes to prevent dropped calls.
  5. Complete the following setting(s):
    Setting Description
    Choose… Select the desired virtual fax machine.
    Next Node Connects nodes to create a call flow.
  6. Continue to build the call flow.
  7. Click Save.