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How do I test my network with GoTo Network Test?

    Learn how your network infrastructure performs with our GoTo products.

    Before you begin: Install GoTo Network Test on a computer that is directly connected to the network you’d like to test.
    1. Open GoTo Network Test from your system applications.

      Result: The GoTo icon will appear in your menu bar (Mac) or taskbar (Windows).

    2. Open the GoTo Network Test drop-down menu.
      Operating System How-to
      Mac Select the GoTo icon in the menu bar.
      Windows Right-click the GoTo icon in the notification area of the Windows taskbar.
      Note: You may have to select Show hidden icons if your icon is hidden.
    3. Choose Launch pre-qualification test — the test will launch in new browser window and may take a few minutes.
    4. After the test is complete, select the product tabs at the top to see how your network is performing with various GoTo products.
    Article last updated: 16 March, 2023