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How do I set up and use pre-recorded messages?

    Create pre-recorded messages to leave with the click of a button so your time can be spent where it has the greatest value. Available for Complete only.
    Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the agent role.
    1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
    2. From Contact Center > Agent > Overview, click the settings gear in the top right and then click Pre-recorded audio messages.
    3. To add a new recording:
      1. Click New Message.
      2. Complete each field.
      3. Click Save when complete.
    4. To edit or delete an existing recording:
      1. Click the Recordings or Archive tab.
      2. Select the entry you want to edit or delete.
      3. Make any needed changes such as updating the tags, re-recording the audio, archiving/unarchiving the file, or deleting the file.
      4. Click Save when complete.
    5. To use a recording:
      1. When you are on an active call, click Audio Recordings from the left side of the call menu.
      2. Select the recording you want to use. Archived entries will not display in the list.
      3. Click Play to run the recording and then continue the conversation or click Play recording and hang up if you want the call to end after the recording.