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How do I manage pause reasons?

    Set up pause reasons for your agents to use. Available for Core, Complete, and Support Center customers.
    Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the Admin role. This can also be done from your admin portal if you have access permissions.
    This is an optional feature. By default, all pause reasons are enabled. Disabling all of them will reset your agent's experience so that they have the Ready for Calls and Pause All Queues buttons rather than the Agent Status drop-down menu.
    1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
    2. From Contact Center > Admin > General settings, select Pause reasons.
    3. To add a new pause reason, select + Add reason.
      • The system does not support duplicate names, regardless of casing.
      • The character limit is 255 characters.
      • Spaces, latin letters, digits, dots, and special characters are allowed.
    4. To rename an existing pause reason, select edit icon.
    5. To delete a pause reason, select trash can icon.
    6. To enable or disable a pause reason, turn on or off the setting for each specific pause reason.
    What to do next: Let your agents and supervisors know what experience to expect. If pause reasons are enabled, agents will be able to sign in, select a pause reason, or log out of all queues from a single drop-down menu in their agent view. If pause reasons are disabled, agents will only have the Ready for Calls and Pause All Queues buttons. They will have to continue to select > Sign out of queues to log out.