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How do I import my organization’s Outlook contacts to GoTo?

    Import your organization’s Outlook company contact list for your users to view in GoTo Connect.

    Before you begin:
    Important: These steps need to be completed by your organization’s O365 global admin with Director Read All and User Read All permissions. The integration won’t receive any admin rights by linking the accounts, but these permissions are required to share the Outlook company contacts with everyone on the system.
    1. Go to and log in with your GoTo Connect credentials.
    2. Click O365 Enterprise in the left sidebar.
    3. Click Link Accounts.
    4. To filter imported contacts, follow these steps:
      1. Enter one or more of the custom filters in Custom Filter
        To use multiple filters, add "and" between filters. E.g.: Department eq ‘Finance’ and employeeId ge '100’.
        Filter Description
        Department eq ‘<department>’ To import contacts from a specific department, replace <department> with the desired department. For example, Department eq ‘Finance’.
        employeeId ge '100' Removes contacts that are not associated with a person.
        accountEnabled eq true Removes inactive contacts.
      2. Click Validate, and then after the successful validation message, click Save.
        Filters can take up to an hour to take effect.