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How do I block a phone number?

Use call filters to block unwanted phone numbers. This can be helpful for blocking calls or SMS/MMS from telemarketers on your system or line.

Note: Blocking a phone number from the desktop or web app is not available at present time.

Mobile app

  1. From the mobile app, select your profile picture from the top left.
  2. Go to Phone & voicemail > Blocked numbers and then select Block a number.
  3. Enter the Phone number criteria for the block. Options include:
    • A ten-digit phone number.
    • Use * as a wildcard to broaden call filter criteria (e.g., 800* filters calls from 1-800 numbers, *4437 filters all calls ending in 4437).
  4. Enter a Description and then select Done.
Note: Manage blocked phone numbers by selecting your profile picture in the top left and then go to Phone & voicemail > Blocked Numbers.

Admin Portal

To block a phone number system-wide, an admin must set up a call filter.