Manage Account-Wide Settings

Account admins can configure and manage certain settings that apply to the entire account as a whole (known as "Admin Settings"). Some of these are product-specific settings that will automatically apply all users with access to those products. Admin Settings

Access account-wide settings

  1. Log in to the Admin Center at
  2. Select Admin Settings in the left navigation.
  3. All account-wide configuration options available to you will be shown. They may vary depending on which products are on your account.

Configure Admin Settings

Company Setup

Manage email notifications sent via User Sync

If an organization has been set up, account admins can control whether Welcome and change email notifications are sent to users via User Sync. If you disable this setting, you will be responsible for informing your users about changes to their account or product access. By default, this setting is enabled. Learn how to customize Welcome emails.

GoToTraining Settings

  • Customize the branding of catalogs, materials, and registration pages by clicking Edit within the setting pane.
  • Manage payment settings for training session by clicking Edit within the setting pane.
  • Enable or disable content sharing and co-organizers by clicking Edit within the setting pane.