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How do I resend a user invitation email in GoTo Admin?

Resend a user invitation or welcome email so they can register their account and get started!
Before you begin: Confirm that the user has already checked their spam/junk email folder for the original email. Verify that the original email address was entered correctly. If not, you will need to delete the user and recreate the user.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. From People > Users, locate the user that needs their invitation resent.
  3. Select the Resend Icon next to the user's Status column to resend the welcome email.
    Note: The option to resend the invitation will not be available if the status is inactive. To change your inactivity timer threshold, refer to How do I manage my account settings?

    Result: The user will receive the welcome email with steps on how to begin using the system. If a user does not receive the welcome email within 10 minutes, have them check their junk/spam folders.

  4. Optional: To resend an invitation to multiple users or a user that is inactive:
    1. Select individual checkboxes next to the specific user(s).
    2. Select Three Dots Icon on the top right navigation menu.
    3. Choose Resend invitation.
    4. Choose a welcome email if you have previously created a custom email template or use the default.
    5. Select Resend invitation when complete.