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How do I start and assign breakout rooms during a training?

    Organizers can divide attendees into smaller groups (called "breakout rooms") for separate discussions.

    Attendees joined from the GoTo mobile app can participate in breakout rooms; however, those on the GoTo Training mobile app cannot. View GoTo App for Mobile Devices.

    1. Start your training in the web browser experience.
    2. Select the People pane and Create breakout rooms. Alternatively, you can select the More icon and Breakout rooms.
    3. Choose the number of rooms you want create.
      Note: You can have up to 50 rooms. The default is set to 2 rooms.
    4. Choose how you want to assign attendees to rooms.
      • Automatically assign people to roomsGoTo will randomly sort attendees into rooms.
      • Let me assign people to rooms – This will create empty rooms and requires you to manually move attendees to the desired room.
    5. Select Preview rooms. The People pane will display how attendees will be split among rooms.
    6. You can manually move attendees to another room by selecting their name and Move to or by dragging and dropping.
      Note: Once you start breakout rooms, you can't move attendees from one room to another. To do so, you will have to end the current breakout and start a new one.
    7. Select Start breakout. Attendees will see a countdown before the breakout begins.
      Note: You can cancel the breakout room during the countdown.
    8. You'll remain in the main room along with any co-organizers. You and any co-organizer can join other rooms by selecting Join.
    9. During the breakout, you can send a chat message to all rooms. Although attendees cannot chat you, they can request help using the Assistance icon.
    10. To end the breakout and go back to the regular session with all attendees, select End breakout.