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Why am I getting an "Insufficient Permissions" error message?

Learn what an "insufficient permissions" error and means and how to fix it. If you encounter a "Your account does not have sufficient permissions to perform user management. See your administrator about becoming an Organization Administrator" error message, then your GoTo account does not have the specific admin permissions required.

Verify that you have been assigned the admin role in both your admin portal and the Organization Center:
  1. In the GoTo Admin Center (classic) at, your role will appear next to your name in the Manage Users view.
    Highlighted user role in GoTo Admin Center portal
  2. In the Organization Center at, your role will appear on the Users tab, next to your name in the Roles column.


  • Sign in using an existing admin account that already has an Organization Admin role.
  • Contact your admin to request that your account be additionally provisioned with an Organization Admin role.

What to do next: Once you have signed in with a GoTo account that has an Organization Admin role, you can proceed to Step #5 in the "Set Connections" section of Configuring the Active Directory Connector v2.
Article last updated: 14 August, 2023