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What is a Q&A Follow-Up report?

    The Q&A Follow-Up Report shows details about the questions asked and answers given during each session. This report will help you easily follow up with attendees who asked questions after a session. It may include the following data depending on any customizations you've added.

    See Generate a report for steps on logging in, choosing a webinar date range, and exporting the report.

    Webinar event details Q&A
    Webinar ID First and last name
    Webinar start date and time Email address
    Webinar duration Question number (by attendee)
    Number of registrants Date and time of questions asked
    Number of attendees Questions asked
    Number of questions asked Answer given
    Number of questions answered Answerer
      Attendee join and leave time
      Attendee time in session
      Attendee registration date and time