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What are some frequently asked GoTo Stage channel questions?

View frequently asked questions about GoTo Stage. You can also view our videos for additional help.

General FAQs

How much does GoTo Stage cost?

GoTo Stage is included in your GoTo Webinar subscription! Advanced features (including multiple channels) are only offered to GoTo Webinar Pro and Plus plans.

Is GoTo Stage GDPR compliant?

Yes. GoTo Stage is GDPR compliant. See our GDPR Resource Center & FAQ to learn more.

What are the browser requirements for GoTo Stage?

You can upload and view videos on GoTo Stage from any of these supported browsers.

  • Apple Safari 9+
  • Google Chrome v41+
  • Mozilla Firefox 52+
  • Microsoft Edge 14+

Video and Customization FAQs

How do I push a recording to my channel page?

From your channel page, click the Video icon (next to the Settings icon). Your videos that are ready to be added to your channel will be available in the "Unpublished" section.

How do I download my recordings?

On the My Recordings page, click the More icon and then Download. This only works with online recordings. Recordings that were uploaded from a local recording or alternate source cannot be downloaded.

Can I make my videos private on my channel page?

Yes. You can choose to make your channel page available to only those who have a direct link. Switching this setting will also prevent your videos from being listed on GoTo Stage.

Nothing happens when I click on "Edit Logo" or "Change Banner".

It's possible your network has blocked FileStack, a third party service GoTo Stage uses. Reach out to your IT administrator and ask to allowlist *

I see a black background rather than a transparent background when uploading a video logo.

FileStack (a third party service GoTo Stage uses) does not provide a transparent background for .PNG files. This request is currently being investigated. As a workaround, use an image with a regular background.