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What are some best practices when running webinars?

Review best practices to make sure you're prepared for any unexpected situations.

In case your power or internet goes down...

Tip: If you need to reschedule your webinar, do so right away and let your registrants know via Follow-Up or Reminder emails.

In case there are audio or video issues...

  • Hard wire your computer to the internet.
  • Start in practice mode to check your staff's audio.
  • Check to make sure you started the broadcast.

In case there are recording issues...

  • Have a co-organizer in the session with you. Cloud recording continues and is stored to your Video Library as long as other co-organizers are in the session.
  • If you are repeating webinar topics, run and record a webinar without attendees and share that link instead.
  • Review tips on how to speed up your internet connection.

In case you accidentally cancel your webinar...

You cannot undo canceling webinars and our Customer Care team cannot restore it so please keep caution when canceling.