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Virtual Events FAQs

Review the frequently asked questions about virtual events.

Can attendees dial in to the virtual event?

No. All users need to join from a browser connected to audio via Computer audio (VoIP).

Can I record a virtual event?

While you cannot record the entire virtual event in one file, you can record individual sessions as you would a regular webinar.

Can I run overlapping or parallel sessions?

In order to run overlapping or parallel sessions (e.g., three webinars at the same time) during a virtual event, you will need multiple GoTo Webinar accounts. Please reach out to your account manager to buy more licenses or contact sales.

Are there bugs or limitations?

Yes, the GoTo Webinar team is actively working on the following bugs or limitations:
  • Emails cannot be customized or edited. This functionality is coming soon!
  • Reports can be generated on one event at a time.
  • Speakers and messages are not displayed in the Waiting Room.

Can attendees register during the middle of an event?

Yes, attendees can register and join the session in the middle of an event. They will go through the same registration process.

Can attendees join a virtual event from the GoTo Webinar mobile app?

Yes, attendees can join virtual events from a mobile device but will need the GoTo Webinar mobile app downloaded.

Is there a registration limit for an event?

Although there is no registration limit on the virtual event itself, there is a limit on the individual sessions. For specific sessions, registration works the same way as regular Webcast webinars. The registration limit is set to 10x the allowed attendees (3,000 attendees for Enterprise plans and 1,000 attendees for Pro plans).