How Install and Run the Connection Wizard (Windows)

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  1. To begin the test, download the GoToMeeting Connection Wizard.
  2. Open the G2MConnectionWizard.exe file and run the software when prompted.
  3. When the GoToMeeting Connection Wizard launches, click Run the Connection Wizard to start the connection test. GoToMeeting's home page should launch in your default browser. If you're not redirected to, open your browser and go to that page.

    Note: Users should use Advanced Mode only under guidance from a LogMeIn representative.

  4. Click OK to continue. The Connection Wizard will determine the best connection setting for your computer when connecting to GoToMeeting. This process may take a few minutes to complete.
  5. Once the detection process is complete, click Next.
  6. Try out the new connection settings by starting a meeting.

    • If you connect successfully, click Finish to complete the Connection Wizard test.
    • If you are unable to successfully connect, click I still have problems. The following screen will explain the next recommended steps, which are to Contact Global Customer Support for further troubleshooting. You may be asked to provide a GoToMeeting Connection Wizard report by clicking Wizard Report.