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How is the Watch Time calculated in the channel analytics?

The watch time percentage is a statistic that gauges attendee viewing progress during the video. GoTo Stage will check if viewers are still watching at every 5% checkpoint of the video timeline. This algorithm is used to calculate the watch time. Below you can see explanations of what each variable means and an example.

Number of unique checkpoints/total number of checkpoints * 100

Number of unique checkpoints – The number of times attendee is watching the video at the checkpoint.

Total number of checkpoints – The total number of times GoTo Stage checks attendee's progress.

Watch time calculation example

If a video is 100 minutes long, then GoTo Stage will check if viewers are watching at every 5-minute mark starting at the 0 minute. Throughout the 100-minute video, there will be 21 total checkpoints. If an attendee fast forwards the video and misses 2 checkpoints, their watch time will be about 91%.

Equation example – 19/21 * 100 = 90.5%