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How do I enable/disable on-hold beeps and entry chimes?

Organizers may hear steady beeps once they're connected to the session audio. These "on-hold beeps" indicate that you are successfully connected to the audio and are waiting for participants to join the webinar.

You can enable and disable the following in-session audio notifications.

  • On-Hold Beeps (disabled by default): When enabled, the organizer will hear intermittent beeps until another participant joins the session.
  • Entry/Exit Chimes (disabled by default): When enabled, a chime will play each time a participant joins or leaves the session.
    Note: This feature is available to organizers and co-organizers only.

Enable or disable audio notifications

  1. Expand the Audio pane.
  2. Select Edit in the top right (Windows) or arrow drop-down menu (Mac).
  3. Select Play On-Hold Beeps or Play Entry/Exit Chimes.
  4. A Check icon will be displayed next to each option when it is enabled.