How do I disable audio enhancement while sharing music in a webinar? (Classic)

    GoTo Webinar is optimized for voice and speech. It automatically cancels echo, adjusts audio volume, and suppresses background noises so everyone in the session can clearly hear each other and not be distracted.

    However, this can affect sound quality when sharing music or other wanted ambient audio sources. If you want to include background audio sources (such as music) via your microphone input during a session, you can disable the automatic volume and noise processing setting. Disabling this audio setting is useful in these scenarios:
    • Music or singing lesson.
    • Choir practice.
    • Event in need of background music.
    • Use of high-end microphones and audio conference devices that provide their own noise suppression, automatic volume control, etc.

    Please note this audio setting is currently only available on Windows.

    1. Open the GoTo Webinar Preferences.

      • Right-click the Daisy icon in the system tray (Windows) or toolbar (Mac) and click Preferences.
      • During a session, click the GoTo Webinar drop-down menu and Preferences.

    2. Click Audio.
    3. Under "Advanced", uncheck the Use automatic volume and noise processing setting and click OK.Disable Advanced Audio Setting