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Change Your Account Password

    If you are able to log in to your GoTo product account, you can change the password that you use to sign in.

    If you have forgotten your account password, you can reset it here.

    If you are part of a corporate account that has been set up to use Enterprise Sign-In (SSO), you will need to use your company email address and password to sign in. If the use of Enterprise Sign-In is enforced (i.e., not optional) in your account, your ability to make account changes will be limited.

    Password changes for most accounts

    Once you are logged in to your account, you can change the password that you use to sign in.

    1. Sign in to the My Account page at
    2. Select Sign In & Security in the left navigation.
    3. From Password, select Edit.
    4. Under Current password, fill in your current account password.
    5. Under New password and Confirm new password, fill in your desired password.
      Attention: These fields must include a minimum of 8 characters and include letters & numbers. If you want to view the password you are typing, select at the end of any of the password fields, as shown below.
    6. Select Save.
      Save Password Changes

    About password changes for enforced Enterprise Sign-In only accounts

    If Enterprise Sign-In (SSO) is strictly enforced for your account, you are unable to change your account password. Please contact your company administrator for more information about password changes.

    Learn more about Enterprise Sign-In (SSO).

    Article last updated: 25 May, 2023