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Why was I launched into session with the Instant Join app?

    The GoTo Training Instant Join app allows attendees to get into session quickly and easily, without having to go through an installation process! There are a few different reasons that you might have been launched into session using the browser-based Instant Join app.

    You joined a training using Google Chrome.

    By default, if the organizer has enabled the Instant Join app then you will use it when you join from Google Chrome. This ensures that you get to the good stuff as fast as possible, and are still able to switch to the desktop app if desired!

    Your computer does not meet the desktop app system requirements.

    If you are running Linux, Google Chrome OS, or an older version of Windows or Mac, then it is not possible for you to install the desktop app. But don't worry – we've got you covered! The Instant Join app is perfect for these unsupported operating systems because it make sure that you can still join in the fun.

    You're participating in an activity.

    If you join with the desktop app and then the organizer launches an activity, you will be launched into the activity using the Instant Join app so that you can participate with the rest of the attendees. Once the activity is over, you'll be automatically returned to the main session!