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Why can't I access my account?

    There are a few reasons why you might not be able to sign in to your account. See below for troubleshooting tips.

    You might be entering the wrong password.

    If you're positive that you're using the correct email address, it's possible that you are entering the wrong password.
    • Try resetting your password.
    • Try typing the password somewhere else where it is visible (such as Notepad or a Word Document), then copy/paste into the password field once you are confident that there are no typos.
    • Make sure your keyboard's Caps Lock or Num Lock isn't on.

    You might be entering the wrong email address.

    When you enter an email address on the Reset Password page, the Password Recovery service will show you the confirmation message regardless of whether or not you entered the correct email address. To protect your account's security, we cannot confirm if the email address you entered is registered with our system.
    • Check with your Admin to verify the email address entered during account creation.
    • Try using a different email address your account may have been created with.
    • New accounts may initially work since you are automatically logged in, but you may later find that you cannot sign in because there was a typo in the email address used at sign up. Ask your admin to verify your email address and correct it if necessary.
    • If multiple users are using the same email address to sign in (not recommended), another user may have changed the login information on the account, including both the password and email.
    • If you are an admin, select Contact Support to have them help you identify which email address is actually associated with your account by verifying all required billing information (if applicable) or via email verification.

    You might not have an account.

    If you were invited to join a GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, or GoTo Training session as an attendee, you do not need an account and do not need to sign in.

    Your account may have expired.

    Your trial or paid subscription may have lapsed. Reactivate your subscription plan to continue using GoTo Training.

    Your account might be suspended or deleted.

    It's possible that all products were removed from your account, or your account has been deleted by an admin on the account. For either scenario, you will encounter a message, "You currently don't have any products" when you are redirected to the My Account page at

    • Check your email inbox for a notification from indicating that your admin has removed privileges from your account.
      Note: It is possible to have an admin account with no products assigned in order to access and use the GoTo Admin Center (classic). In this case, you would encounter the same message above.
    • Contact your admin to confirm if your account is active.
    Article last updated: 6 April, 2023