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Uninstall GoTo Training

    When you start or join a session, the installation package that is downloaded onto your computer includes the GoTo Training desktop application, the GoTo Training plugins, and the Web Deployment browser plugins. We don't recommend uninstalling any of the components of the installation package if you frequently start or join sessions, because they enable you to get into session faster. However, if you need to uninstall GoTo Training, there are a few options for doing so.

    Uninstall manually from Windows (Recommended)

    1. Uninstall the desktop app. This will vary depending on the computer's operating system, see your operating system's user manual for more information.
    2. Uninstall the GoTo Opener app. Follow the same process you did in the step above.
      Note: Windows 7 example: Go to Windows start menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Right-click GoTo Training and select Uninstall > Yes.

    Uninstall manually from Mac (Recommended)

    1. From Finder > Applications, right-click GoToMeeting and then select Move to Trash (or drag to the Trash icon).
    2. Right-click on the Trash icon in the menu bar and select Empty Trash or open the Trash and click Empty.
      Note: If the app re-installs itself automatically, you have to disable automatic updates. To disable automatic updates, you can open the GoTo Meeting app and select GoToMeeting > Preferences > Updates. Uncheck Automatically install updates (recommended).

    Uninstall via MSI on Windows (Advanced)

    MSI Installation Steps

    Domain administrators and IT admins have the ability to automatically uninstall GoToTraining from multiple users’ computers by configuring the Group Policy Object they used to install.
    Warning: his method is not recommended if installing to users or groups (as opposed to all computers on the network) because some remnants may remain after un-installation (e.g., registry keys, shortcuts on the users’ desktops and Start menu items). This may cause major side effects and impact future installations of GoToTraining. The best way to uninstall GoToMeeting is to do it manually on each computer.
    1. Before uninstalling user assigned GoToMeeting with a Group Policy, check that the "Start Manually" option is enabled from the GoToMeeting user preferences – and not "Start automatically after I log in to Windows" (which may result in an incomplete uninstallation).
    2. Go to GPO Properties.
    3. Click the Deployment tab and check the "Uninstall this application when it falls out of the scope of management" box.

    Uninstall the GoTo Opener application from Windows

    The process for uninstalling the desktop application from a computer varies depending on the computer's operating system. See your operating system's user manual for more information.