There are 2 different timers that you can manage from your Control Panel: the Training Duration and the Timer.

View the training’s duration from the Dashboard

The training's duration timer appears at the top of the Dashboard pane and displays how long the training has been running since you first started Screen Sharing. The duration is the length of time you have scheduled for the training.

If you select the Options menu > Attendees Can View Session Timer, the timer is displayed in the top right corner of the Viewer.

Start and stop the Timer

You can start and stop the timer throughout the training to time a recess, Tests, Polls or any assignment.

1. In the Control Panel, select the View menu > Timer.

2. In the Timer pane, click Start Timer to begin the countdown. By default the time limit is set to 10 minutes, but you can customize the timer by clicking the Configure Timer drop-down menu icon and choosing a time limit. When time has run out, "0:00" will continue flashing on-screen until you click Stop Timer.

You can also stop the timer earlier than the time you set by clicking Stop Timer at any time.


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