Schedule from the Web

As an organizer, you have multiple options for scheduling your training. Below you can learn how to schedule directly from your online web account.

Schedule a training

1. Log in to your account at

2. Click Create a Training in the left navigation. You can also access the scheduling page directly here.

3. Use the scheduling page to specify the details of your new webinar, as follows:

  • (a)Training title – Give your training a name, which will appear in the invitation and during the training itself.

  • (b) Description – If desired, you can tell your attendees what to expect from your training using this field. It will appear in the training invitation and the registration page.

  • (c) Recurrence – How often do you want your training to occur? Use the drop-down menu to specify your session schedule – it could be on daily, weekly, or even a custom schedule. Just need a single session? Then leave it at "One session."

  • (d) Date/Time – Select the date and time of the meeting (note that this option will not be available if you selected "Occurs multiple times").

  • (e) Timezone – The meeting timezone will automatically set to your computer's timezone. You can click the link if you'd like to change it (note that this option will not be available if you selected "Occurs multiple times").

  • (f) Registration type – If you're scheduling a recurring session, then you'll be given the option to choose whether participants are expected to attend all sessions or to choose the sessions they want to attend.

4. Click Schedule when finished. Your training will become immediately available from the My Trainings page, where you can access it and customize it to your liking.


Customize Your Training

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