Provide International Phone Numbers (Classic)

    As an organizer, you can choose to provide your attendees with phone numbers for over 50 countries. You can add these numbers in your default audio settings so that they are included automatically when you create new trainings as well as specify which countries should be included in each session you create.

    View a list of which countries you can provide toll (long-distance) and toll-free phone numbers for here.
    Note: In order to provide toll-free phone numbers in your trainings, you must add enhanced to your account. We add new international numbers often. If your country isn't available now, it may be available soon.

    Add International Countries to Your Default Audio Settings

    1. While changing your default audio options, click Edit next to the "Long distance number" and/or "Toll-free Numbers" checkboxes.
    2. Select the desired countries. To select all available countries, check the box next to "Country" at the top of the list, If desired, you can also designate a preferred country.
    3. Click Done when finished. Added countries will appear when you return to the Settings page.

    Add International Countries to a Scheduled Training

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Select a training to edit, then open the audio settings.
    3. Enable the check boxes for Long distance and/or Include Toll-free Numbers.
    4. Click Edit next to each check box to open the Country selector.
    5. Enable the check boxes next to the desired countries, then click Done.