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It says my system is not supported – what do I do?

View below for some tips on how to resolve the error that says some part of your system is not supported.

Your operating system is not supported.

  • If you are on a computer, then you are running an operating system that does not meet our system requirements and therefore is not capable of running our software.
    • If you are running Windows, update your system.
    • If you are running Mac, update your system.
    • If you are running Linux or Google Chrome OS, then you are not able to install the desktop app. Join the session from the web.
  • If you are on a mobile device, then you are trying to use a feature that is not supported. Switch to a computer to use the feature.

Your web browser is not supported.

  • You are on an unsupported browser. Rejoin the session from a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.
  • You are on an older Google Chrome version. Update your Google Chrome version.

JavaScript is not enabled.

Some of our features require that you have JavaScript enabled in order to use them. Please enable JavaScript to use the feature.