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Use the GoToConnect attribute on the Active Directory Connector v2 (optional)

For accounts that use GoToConnect, admins can utilize the "GoToConnect PBX extension" SCIM attribute field to allow the ADC v2 to associate custom 4-digit extension numbers from AD user accounts with their GoToConnect user accounts based on the Active Directory attribute entered in the "GoToConnect PBX extension" field.

Configure the GoToConnect attribute

  1. As an admin of Active Directory, enter a custom 4-digit extension number in one of the fields (listed in Column A in the table below) in the Telephones tab of your Active Directory user accounts (e.g., Home). 
  2. On the Active Directory Connector v2, select Edit mapping and enter the Active Directory attribute name (listed in Column B in the table below) in the "GoToConnect PBX extension" field (e.g., HomePhone). Please note that AD attribute fields (Column B in the table below) are not case-sensitive.
  3. Run the Active Directory Connector v2 service (learn how here).

Available attributes


Field Name Displayed in Active Directory (Column A) AD Attribute to Enter in "GoToConnect PBX Extension" Field on ADC v2 (Column B) Input accepted (Column C)
Home homePhone 4-digit extension
Home (Other) otherHomePhone
Pager pager
Pager (Other) otherPager
Mobile mobile
Mobile (Other) otherMobile
Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber
Fax (Other) otherFacsimile
Telephone Number telephoneNumber
IP Phone ipPhone
IP Phone (Other) otherIpPhone
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Article last updated: 7 March, 2023