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How do I sync my calendar to the GoTo app?

    Connect your Google or Office 365 calendar to your GoTo account to get notifications and a seamless join experience for all your meetings.

    Note: Calendar events with a valid GoTo Training link in the event location or in the description area will display in the GoTo app.

    Desktop app or web

    1. Open the GoTo desktop app on your computer or sign in from a browser.
    2. From your Profile icon, select Settings > Calendar.
    3. From the desired calendar card, select Connect. You can sync only one calendar at a time.
      Attention: If the desired option is grayed out, disconnect the other calendar type before completing this step.
    4. From the pop-up window, sign in with the appropriate credentials.

      Result: You will see Calendar successfully connected when the sync is complete. Go ahead and close the pop-up window and then refresh your GoTo app.

    View and join all of your upcoming trainings from Meetings in the left navigation menu or from the Peek-a-boo calendar next to your profile icon.