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How do I present from my iPad?

    If you are the presenter in a session and are using an iPad, you can share content directly from the app!

    Start content sharing

    1. Make sure you are the current organizer or presenter.
    2. Select Screen sharing icon in the toolbar.
    3. Enable the Present Content setting. To end content sharing, disable the same setting.
    4. Choose one of the content sharing options.
      • Files: Use this option to open display a file that you previously saved to a third-party file-sharing app (Dropbox or Google Drive).
      • Website: Open and share a web page by entering a URL in the address bar in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can tap the Bookmarks icon and select a bookmark.
      • Whiteboard: Use drawing tools to illustrate your points on a whiteboard and broadcast it to attendees in real time.
    5. Select Play icon in the floating toolbar to start broadcasting the content to other attendees.

    Use drawing tools

    Presenters can use drawing tools to illustrate their points while sharing content from their iPad!
    1. Make sure you've selected Play icon in the toolbar so that you can share content.
    2. Select Drawing Tools icon in the Grab Tab to expand and display the main controls. You can use drawing tools on any screen you're sharing.

      The Drawing Tools icon turns Drawing Tools on or off. When Drawing tools are on, the Drawing Tools icon is blue and the Drawing Tools toolbar is displayed.
       / The Play icon starts content sharing and the Pause icon pauses the screen so attendees will only be able to view the last screen that was displayed.
      The Pen icon lets you draw and annotate on-screen. You can select different colors and adjust the width of the markings.
      The Highlighter icon lets you highlight certain areas of your screen. You can choose from 4 different highlighter colors and adjust the width of the markings.

      The Whiteboard icon brings the whiteboard to the screen which you can use to draw on a blank slate.

      The Undo icon undoes the previous action you made.
      The Redo icon redoes whatever action you've previously undone.
      The Erase All icon erases all drawings from the screen.

    Show or Hide "Audience View" Pane

    The Audience View pane displays a thumbnail view of what attendees see when you share your screen. This helps presenters confirm that attendees are only seeing what you want them to see (and remind you to turn on screen sharing if you've forgotten). You can choose to show or hide the audience view pane at any time.
    1. Tap the Screen Sharing icon in the upper menu.
    2. Use the Audience View toggle to show or hide the pane.
    3. Tap the icon on the pane to close it at any time