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How do I integrate GoTo Training with Marketo? (Classic)

The Marketo integration syncs leads and registrants from training events to Marketo Programs. This means you won't have to track the events in separate platforms.

Link GoTo Training and Marketo (Admin only)

These steps can only be performed by a Marketo admin.
  1. Open the GoTo Training Marketo integration in a browser and select Authorize.
  2. Select Allow to grant GoTo access to the integration.
  3. Fill in the access tokens and then select Link. If you need help finding the access tokens, see here.

    Result: You will see the connected accounts and the number of connected events in Connected accounts.

Create a Webhook in Marketo (Optional)

These steps are only necessary if you want to copy leads from Marketo to GoTo Training. If you only need to copy registrants or leads from GoTo Training to Marketo, you do not need to create a Webhook.
  1. Sign in to your Marketo admin account.
  2. Create a Webhook so that Marketo can communicate with GoTo Training. For more help on creating Webhooks, see here.
  3. Add the following attributes (in the gray field) to the Webhook configuration tab:
    • Webhook Name
    • Description
    • URL:
    • Request Type: POST
    • Template: {"programId":{{}},"email":{{lead.EmailAddress}},"firstName":{{lead.FirstName}},"lastName":{{lead.Last Name}}}
    • Request Token Encoding: JSON
    • Response Type: None
  4. Select the Webhook you just created in the right menu and then select Set Custom Header.
  5. Add the following value in the Custom Header:
    • HeaderIntegration-Api-Key
    • Value — Copy/paste the Authorization value from Webhook configuration.

Connect trainings and Marketo programs

    If you haven't already, schedule a training event.

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Select Create a Training.
    3. Once that's done, open the Marketo connection page in a separate browser.
    4. Select the Marketo program, GoTo Training account, and the specific training you want to link.
      Note: Any GoTo Training user in your account that has been given permission to Marketo will appear in the drop-down.
    5. Select Connect. The connection will be added to the bottom list of connections.
Results: Any attendees who register to the training will now be synced to the Marketo program.