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How do I add a subscription plan or free trial for a different product?

Billing contacts can add a subscription plan or free trial for another GoTo product at any time. You'll have access right away.

Before you begin: You must be the billing contact for your account to perform this task.
Note: View Corporate Billing Portal FAQs if you view something different than the steps shown below.
  1. Sign in to the Billing Center at
  2. Select Add New Subscription.
  3. Choose your desired product.
  4. Choose Buy to purchase a plan or Try to sign up for a free trial first.
  5. Select your desired subscription plan tier, if applicable.
  6. Use the modals to select your desired number of new user licenses, then select Next.
  7. Choose Monthly or Annual as your billing plan (if you are purchasing a plan).
  8. Select Proceed to Checkout or Start Trial.
    Note:  If there are already items in your cart, the Add to Cart option will be displayed instead of the "Proceed to Checkout" option. Select Add to Cart > Proceed to Checkout. If you are signing up for a free trial, you'll see the Confirmation screen and will receive a welcome email.
  9. Review your billing period (beginning today), user license count, plan pricing, and total due on the Checkout page. Select Edit Order to make additional changes.
  10. Enter your payment details and/or add your VAT Number (if applicable), then select Place Order.

    Result: You will have instant access to any additional features or user licenses you added, and your subscription billing date will change to reflect the date you made the plan changes. You'll also receive an email confirmation with the details of your purchase.

What to do next: If you increased your number of user licenses, don't forget to assign them to your users so they can log in to GoTo Training. Learn more at How do I enable or disable products for a single user?.
Article last updated: 30 November, 2023