Create and Manage Evaluations

Evaluations allow you to collect feedback after a training. You can view Evaluation results in the Evaluation Report once the training has ended and attendees have completed the Evaluation.

Evaluations are saved in the Library, which is shared by all organizers on your account.

Topics in this article:

Create a new evaluation

Add an evaluation to a session

Edit or remove an evaluation in a session


Create a new evaluation

1. Log in at

2. Click Library in the left navigation.

3. On the Evaluations tab, click Create Evaluation.

4. Enter a title and instructions for the evaluation.

5. Create a question as follows:

  1. Select the type of question from the drop-down menu (e.g., multiple choice, true/false, short answer).
  2. Fill out the question's content and answers.
  3. If applicable, specify which answer is correct using the option on the right (this will be displayed to attendees as soon as they answer each question).
  4. Click Add to Evaluation.

6. Add more questions by clicking the New Question button. You can add up to 25 questions per evaluation.

7. Click Save when finished.

8. The evaluation will automatically be saved to your Library, where you can access it at any time and use it for any future sessions.


Add an evaluation to a session

Only 1 evaluation can be added to a session.

1. On the Manage Trainings page, click Edit in the Evaluations section.

2. Click Add Evaluation, then select one of the following:

  • Create New – This will launch you into a blank Evaluations page, where you can create a new evaluation. Once you are finished, the evaluation will automatically be saved to the Library for later use.
  • From Library – This will open a pop-up window from which you can select an evaluation that was previously created and saved to the Library.

3. The evaluation will be added to the Evaluations page. Use the check boxes to select when you want attendees to be prompted to fill out the evaluation:

  • After a training session – The evaluation will launch after the training.
  • In a follow-up email – All registrants will receive the evaluation link in the follow-up Email.


Edit or remove an evaluation in a session

1. On the Manage Training page, click Edit in the Evaluations section.

  • To edit the evaluation , click its title.
  • To remove the evaluation, click the Delete icon next to it. Caution – this action cannot be undone!