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Add Logos and Branding

You can customize the way your training catalogs, materials and registration pages appear using logos and color themes.

Add Branding

  1. Sign in to the GoTo Admin Center (classic) at
  2. Select Admin Settings in the navigation menu.
  3. Under GoTo Training, select Edit in the Branding section.
  4. This will launch the GoTo Training Branding page. Here you will see the option to add and update Logos and Page Color. To update logos, select the Choose a GIF, JPG or PNG file hyperlink to choose an image for your header or banner.
    • Under Logos, select the Choose GIF, JPG or PNG file link to choose an image for your header or banner. Select the desired file, and then select Open.
    • Under Page Color, use the color boxes to select new colors for the background, header and font on the relevant pages. Select a color box to open the color options, select a color and select Choose.
  5. Note: The maximum size for header logos is 160 x 160 pixels (250 KB). The maximum size for banner images is 600 x 400 pixels (250 KB).
  6. Select Save Changes when finished.
  7. There are two ways to remove your changes or reset to the default colors:
    • Select Delete under the logo. Note that this action cannot be undone.
    • Select the Reset Default Colors hyperlink under Page Color.