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What do I find under Device Details?

Once a device is added to your account and is online you can manage it on the Devices page

  1. In the Console, go to the Devices page.
    Note: If you have multiple accounts select your organization in the top left corner next to the GoTo logo.
  2. Hover your mouse over a device from your pool and select View details on the right:
    Tip: Use the finder in the top left corner to search for a device by name, group or label.
  3. You can expand or collapse the following data about your device by clicking the button in the middle of the screen:
    • Device nickname
    • Status
    • Hostname
    • Last logged in user
    • GoTo Resolve version
    • How long the device has been online
    • System model
    • Time zone
    • Last accessed date
    • Locale
    • Windows directory
    • System directory
    • Total physical memory
    • Bios version
    • Mac address(es)
    • System manufacturer
    • Operating system
    • Processor
    • IP address
    • Labels
  4. The main dashboard provides you the following real time data about your device:
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Processes
      • Sort processes: Click the header of the respective column to sort the processes in ascending or descending order by Process name, % CPU and Memory.
      • End processes: Select the process or processes you want to end from the list, check its box on the left and select the End processes button.
    • Events
      Note: Click the header of the respective column to sort the events in ascending or descending order by Level, Date and Time, Source or PID.
    • Networks
    • Logical drives
    • Power Status Information
  5. From the top of the page you can access the following actions:
    • Launch terminal: You can open a fully functional command prompt on the remote device without needing to start a remote session.
    • Launch file manager: You can run various file operations between your computer and the managed device.
    • Start remote control (pro): If you are accessing a pro device, you can launch a remote control session on the device.
Article last updated: 24 July, 2023