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Starting an Instant Remote Control Support Session

    Start with remote control to operate the end-user's device.

    1. Select Start remote support session in the Instant remote support card on the Support tab of the Console.
      Tip: Checking the Request remote control as soon as the end-user arrives box automatically initiates a remote control support session.
    2. Invite your end-user to join the session by sending them the Support key. You have the following options:
      Use the phone or a messaging app
      Tell the end-user the support key over the phone or a messaging app. End-users can join a support session at
      Direct link
      1. Click Copy to Clipboard next to the Support Key to copy the session link to your clipboard.
      2. Paste the link into your messaging tool, and send it to your end-user.
      3. Ask the end-user to open the message, and click the link to join the support session.

        A new browser tab is opened on the end-user's device displaying the session chat panel.

      Send Email
      1. Click Send Email.

        A new email message is opened in your default email application containing a session link.

        Tip: If a new message is not opened, check your default email application under your OS settings.
      2. Enter the end-user's valid email address, and send the message.
      3. Ask the end-user to open the message, and click the link to join the support session.
    3. Ask the end-user to click Download application in the chat window, so that they can download and run the support application required to establish a support session.

      Result: A remote control support session is established.

    4. In the Console click anywhere into the screen of the end-user to initiate actual remote control.
    5. To end the session, click End session on the top of the Support tab.
    Article last updated: 22 February, 2023